I don’t think the discussion should be solely on the Lakers as a team but the ownership on the Los Angeles Lakers. Kupchack and Jim Buss should get their head out their ass and hire Phil because D’Antoni’s system will never work in the LAKERS organization. If I had to grade the Lakers I would give Kobe an F because he takes more shots and make less than almost the whole team combined. Have you seen his stats this year and last year. It’s no wonder why, Bynum wanted out even though he was immature. I would never consider Kobe one of the greatest Laker. I would consider him the most selfish professional NBA player to play.


To the surprise of no one, the Lakers lost yet another game. This time they fell victim to the Memphis Grizzlies, losing 106-93. Dwight Howard left the game when he apparently re-aggravated the injury in his shoulder that kept him out one week. Instead of harping on how pathetic, disinterested, and disappointing the Lakers are, which has become a staple of this blog, lets take a look at all the key members of this Lakers organization and give them a grade.

Kobe Bryant: B

Kobe has easily been the best, most consistent player the Lakers have had this season. Kobe is scoring at an efficient level, shooting above his career FG and 3PT % marks. As a leader, Kobe has fallen short. He hasn’t had the ability to rally this team and play with some heart, which all great leaders are capable of. This team isn’t lacking the talent to compete…

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